JWC- Samoa charge on over USA

Levi Asifa'amatala crashes over. Photo- Huw Evans.

Levi Asifa'amatala crashes over. Photo- Huw Evans.

Samoa hooker Anetelea Lalotoa charges. photo: Huw Evans.

Samoa hooker Anetelea Lalotoa charges. photo: Huw Evans.

June 11, 2008 - 8:38am

Samoan team manager Namulauulu Sami Leota shares the latest news with us after the match.

Today we completed our second game of the Junior World Championship defeating USA 20 to 6. Samoa attacked and camped in the USA territory in the first 10 minutes and had a few opportunities to cross the line but the Americans were defending well, denying the boys in blue from putting points on the board.

USA registered the first 6 points of the match when two penalties were converted by their half back on the 14th and the 18th minute mark from our mistakes. They were leading 6 on the 30th minute mark.

Towards the end of the first half, another series of attacks by the Samoa forward saw the Americans struggling in defence and opened up a space in the defence that saw our lock Levi Asifaamatala crossing the line for our first point of the match, and this was converted by Ioane Sefo, our first five. At half time the score was 7-6 to Samoa.

Samoa increased its lead at the beginning of the second half from a penalty conversion by Ioane Sefo on the 2nd minute. Samoa playing style was opened up at this stage of the game using its speed outside the backline and this resulted in a try by fullback Alatasi Tupou on the 13th minute. This was followed by another try by Vavae Tuilagi half way through the second half after relentless attack by our forwards which gave quick and clear balls to the backline.

There were two occasions in the second half where we crossed the line twice, but unfortunately these tries were ruled out by the touch judge as we touched the line before placing the ball down.

We camped in the Americans territory in the majority of the second half but they put up an intense defence, denying us from scoring a bonus point.

Nevertherless , a win is a win and the boys must be congratulated for the big effort today. The Americans again are much bigger in size, and they were out there to beat us, but the boys did not give up. They played with passion and pride for our country. Samoa should be proud of their achievements so far in this World Championship.

Back at the hotel at our evening prayer after the game, no one player was seemed to be satisfied with what had been done so far, and there was a complete absence of any spirit of celebration, like after the Scotland game. It is obvious that the boys know that we have a tougher opponent to contend with in the next few days and that is when we meet South Africa in our last pool game.

I thank our Head of State and Samoa for your support through faxes and prayers. We send our best regards and alofaaga to all the people of Samoa, the SRU and its family of sponsors as well as all our families.
Good night from Wales.

Namulauulu Sami Leota